Digital Drawing:
- Ipad 2018(Though I'm going to upgrade into an Ipad Pro soon) + Apple Pencil + Procreate
- Macbook Pro 13" + Adobe Photoshop
- Wacom Intuos Pro small 

On creative freelancing:
Creative Peptalk Podcast Andy provides creative pep-talks every Tuesday. His podcast can help you with anything from fighting art blocks, finding your people, crush your goals, marketing, and more. It’s clever, fun (I’ve ended up laughing several times alone in a public transport) and he’s such a kind and genuine person. 

Nadiaxel Other than being a super talented illustrator, Nadia has some very useful both blog posts and Youtube videos about how to start off with commissions, artist alley tips, tablet reviews and more <3

Being Boss: Emily owns a company and is a previous webdesigner, Kathleen a Branding Consultant. They’re badass bosses and i love their dynamic. 

Frannerd Gives insightful tips on being a freelance illustrator. Check out her Patreon too, where you can follow her day-to-day life, living in New York.

Traditional Drawing:
- Sketchbook: Derwent big book in A5 and A4
- Prismacolor Col-erase in red for sketching before inking
- Mechanical Pen with a 2b nib

- Selfcontrol
- Pomodoro

- Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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